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"YES YES YES!!! These fans are SO CUTE!  CLEVER!  AMAZING!  When I was a little girl, we had fans in our chapel (no air conditioning back then....).  They'd have local business ads on them, but OH, if they'd had something like THIS!! These fans are great... we did first-class "field testing" on 'em in the South Pacific!!"

- Mary Ellen Edmunds (MEE)

I love these fans!!  They produce more air flow than any other hand fan that I've used. And the fact that they fold up into a small circle allows you to take it everywhere. They are small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.  What I love about this company is that I can order these fans individually!  The customer service is fast, efficient, and very friendly!  So if you need a fan for quick air flow to cool you down~ this is the fan you will want! TheBreezerFan.com ROCKS!! - Vickie T.

"There should be a LOVE icon for this product! It's wonderful and a lifesaver for menopausal women like myself! All my sisters and my mom bought more than

one, also. We are a Breezer Fan Family now!" - Marilee C



"WOW! This fan moves a LOT OF AIR without a lot of effort! It's affordable, compact and fun to use! It's light weight and quiet too. I'm a FAN!" - Gary H



"Best Fan ever!!!! My friend showed me her fan at

church and I LOVED it! I always try to sit near an AC vent because I am always hot at church but this fan seriously gave an awesome breeze ....if you are like me, get yourself a Breezer Fan .... It's a new little business started right here in our home town! I'm totally getting one for my mom and her never-ending hot flashes for her Birthday. It folds up really tiny so she can take it anywhere!! I'm so excited to surprise her!" - Dawnett H



"I am usually always cold, but now that I am pregnant, I am always hot. I ordered a Breezer Fan and it has been amazing! I love how small it compacts. It fits so nicely in my purse or even my pocket and it's easy to pull out at any time. It came quickly and had great folding instructions. I'm telling everyone about it!!" -Anna S.

"My Daughter gave me a Breezer Fan for my birthday last month. I use it often. Everywhere I go people ask me about it! What a great fan!" - Paula M.

"What in the world!? Where has this fan been all of my life!? I'm in love!" - Ami D


"Thank you for my Breezer Fan. I love it so much!! It works great and is very conveniently sized. I love my Breezer Fan!!" - Karen S

"This fan is going EVERYWHERE with me from now on!" - Emma L


"I am so thankful for my Breezer Fan. It is so humid back here in Ohio and that thing has changed my life. Every menopausal woman should have one." - Lisa M


"I was introduced to The Breezer Fan as a joke. You see I am ALWAYS hot. Even before I started with hot flashes I was unusually hot all the time. It runs in my family. My father, his mother, his sister and so on. So it was "normal" for me but very uncomfortable. Years ago I began carrying hand fans wherever I went. This is commonly seen in the South where it is unbearably humid, but living in UT there is little to no humidity.

So I had a fan in my purse, at work, in my church bag and wherever I needed it. They helped some but if I forgot it or misplaced it, I would die from the heat. And inevitably they would break.

My nieces and nephew would always come back from vacation with a handheld fan for me no matter where they went...it is a family joke.

So one day my roommate shared a post on Facebook and tagged me in it jokingly stating I should get one. I was curious so I went online and researched. The testimonials sold me to try one. The thought of being able to push more air with little effort and to fold it so small was appealing. And the price was not bad either. So I ordered two. A Temple one which I use at church and a blue one which I keep in my purse. I LOVE THEM!! So the joke is on everyone else.

I like the fact that it can fit in my back pocket if I do not need to take my purse. Standing in line at the supermarket I can whip it out and cool myself off. I get curious looks but once they feel the breeze it puts off...who cares?!" - Sheri B.

"LOVE them!!!! These fans are great for anytime and light weight to travel with. I'm from Georgia and will not live without it!!! You guys rock!!" - Korina W.


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