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Do You Offer Silk Screening?


At one point we were able to offer Silk Screening but that business closed and we have not replaced them yet. We only offer silk screening on bulks orders of 250 or more fans of 1 color.  






World's BEST Folding Fan!
Are The Fans Flammable?

Yes, they are flammable. The fans are made of polyester fabric. Use care and do not use them near open flames. 

Are The Fans Good For All Ages?


Not really. We do not recommend these fans for toddlers. Any age that knows how to fan themselves properly would benefit from using these fans. 

Do You Offer Quantity Discounts?


We certainly do! Do you have a family reunion or a business convention coming up? Contact us for bulk pricing.

How Do I Fold My Fan?


It is a little tricky at first, but once you get it, you will always have it! See the instructions below.

Folding Lil' Breezers
I Think My Fan Is Defective


Most likely, your Breezer Fan just has a kink in the wire as pictured below. Kinks will come out as you twist the

fan around with care. Be aware that the fan's wire frame can become weakened by repeatedly folding the fan incorrectly. Extend the life of the fan by studying the folding instructions BEFORE folding for the first time.

"The BIGGEST and
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