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The Red Breezer

The Red Breezer Fan. Beat the heat with this amazing folding fan. You can easily carry it in your purse, briefcase, pocket, backpack, or anywhere! You will be so pleased by the BREEZE that this fan delivers!! Is this the color of your favorite Sports Team? Get your Red Breezer Fan now and carry it to every game for instant Cool-Down RELIEF!

The Red Breezer

  • The Red Breezer Folding Hand Fan is made of durable polyester fabric. Folding and unfolding is a BREEZE! (Once you get the technique down) Red on one side and silver on the other. Breezer Fan Dimensions: Top Width: 8 3/4" Top Lenbth: 13" Handle Width: 3" Folded: 4 1/4"

"The BIGGEST and
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