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Temple Breezer Fan with Lanyard  (Different packaging)

Same great fan, brand new style!! This folding fan features a deeper pocket for the folded fan to sit inmaking it nearly impossible for the fan to pop out unannounced. It also comes with a snap-together lanyard to wear around your neck, which can also easily be removed if it's unwanted.


FINALLY, a way to keep cool during Temple visits. This all-white folding fan fits perfectly in your Temple attire. The nice thing about this fan is that it's QUIET!! You don't have the rattling sound of a paper folding fan. People will ask you where they, TOO, can get a Temple Breezer Fan!!

Also great for church, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall! This is a great all-year fan!

The larger Breezer Fans produce a more powerful breeze, but these little fans hold their own and they feel GREAT! You will LOVE IT! And so will your friends and family!

Temple Breezer Fan with Lanyard (Different packaging)

  • 'My Temple Breezer Fan' is made of Nylon fabric. Folding and unfolding is a BREEZE! (Once you get the technique down) White on both sides. Fold up the fan and tuck it into the handle. Breezer Fan Dimensions Unfolded: 8" Diameter Folded: 3.5" x 4.0"

"The BIGGEST and
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