FINALLY, a way to keep cool during Temple visits. This all-white folding fan fits perfectly in your Temple attire. The nice thing about this fan is that it's QUIET!! You don't have the rattling sound of a paper folding fan. People will ask you where they TOO can get a Temple Breezer Fan!! 

Also great for church, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall! This is a great all-year fan!

The larger Breezer Fans produce a more powerful breeze, but these little fans hold their own and they feel GREAT! You will LOVE IT! And so will your friends and family!

Temple Breezer Fan (Different packaging)

$8.95 Regular Price
$6.95Sale Price
  • 'My Temple Breezer Fan' is made of Nylon fabric. Folding and unfolding is a BREEZE! (Once you get the technique down) White on both sides. Fold up the fan and tuck it into the handle. Breezer Fan Dimensions Unfolded: 8" Diameter Folded: 3.5" x 3.25"

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